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Through the Spoken Word

Angela is a powerful coach that speaks life into your heart and mind. She motivates others to dream and then realize their dreams. Her words empower others to build the framework necessary to plan, implement and accomplish their goals. Bertone says “I know what I can't do! Lets talk about what we can do, and then lets do it”. She says this thought process is part of the foundation necessary for success. “We must command our minds to think on what supports our dreams and refuse thoughts that can destroy our dreams”. “Failure is not an option; rather failures are life's lessons that redirects us towards our successes”.

She show's how the power of life and death are in the tongue, heart and the emotions behind them. Uncover the words of the past that impact your actions today? Learn how these words have paved the pathways to your success or despair. Angela shows us how to explore our hearts and gather understanding. She shows how the memories and emotions that accompanied these powerful words, subconsciously empower or sabotage us. Discovering these truths can redirect our thinking and therefor our future. The heart is the river from which all of the issues of life do flow. Discover the hidden heart truth and find inspiration today that will motivate your every tomorrow.

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The Art of Story Telling

Author Angela Q. Bertone

Everyone loves a good story. Angela not only loves to hear them, but she loves to tell them as well. She is a passionate story teller who takes every opportunity available to tell her stories to live audiences. For years her audiences have asked for her written material but Angela had to sadly reply, “I am so sorry, I do not have any published works”. However, in 2011 at the encouragement of her husband, her audiences and with the advancement of technology, she self-published her first work: “Good Mourning Sunshine”.

All of Angela's work has a common thread of overcoming heart difficulties. Even though “Good Mourning Sunshine” is currently her only published work written for adults, adults often comment how her children's books have impacted their lives. When asked what age group her books are targeted towards, she says: “I endeavor to write all my stories so there is something for every age. I intentionally put hidden material in my children's books for the adult reader to enjoy and meditate on. One of the greatest compliments I have received was after reading to a 2nd grade class the teacher hugged me with teary eyes and told me she would never be the same. She told me that I was sent to her that day to change her life. In addition she purchased every one of my books”.

Angela writes self help books, testimonials, devotionals, cookbooks, children's books and poetry. She hopes to one day write fiction novels and has a few stories in the works. Currently she has 5 published books, one movie and is working on her first cookbook.

Dishing It Out Louisiana Style

Cooking From the Heart

Welcome to “Dishing It Out Louisiana Style”. Our show was designed to introduce you to Louisiana food, hospitality, outdoors and a way of life unlike any other. Grab your cup of coffee sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy food for your body and food for your soul. I am Angela Bertone, your cooking host and story teller. I grew up in a small Louisiana town listening to my grandfather tell stories of days gone by while he rocked me on his knee and we watched the cars drive by, every once in a while. My mother followed in his footsteps as a story teller that often took place in the kitchen while we were preparing food for our family. In tradition I raised my children teaching them how to cook while we played dinner theater and dressed up in character. “Dishing It Out Louisiana Style” brings you a taste of the Louisiana way of life, body and soul.

Angela Bertone

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