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Angela Q. Bertone was born and raised in Livingston, Louisiana, and is one of six children. She takes joy in being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Angela retreats to the outdoors and has a passion for cooking, storytelling and for teaching on spiritual and emotional topics.

Angela has taught on the subject of the heart and spiritual matters since she was 19 years old. As a result of 30 plus years of study she has uncovered the relationship of unhealthy emotions and the mirror image effect it has on the physical body. Her study sources include the Holy Scriptures, etymology, numerology, physiology, chemistry, quantum physics and the 12 systems of the body, just to mention a few.

Angela continues to study based on every person that reaches out to her for help. She uses a non-secular approach and assists each person with care and compassion. She seeks the heart and divine direction to facilitate healing from within the body. Angela says, “God has created the body perfect in all of its ways and it cannot lie, for it is made in the image of God”. She teaches the body must tell the truth including the truth about any lies that are held as truth: thereby exposing the lie. “The truth is what sets us all free, it does what we cannot do” she says.

Angela has witnessed numerous healings as a result of bringing the truth about a person’s painful emotions to the surface: bones, joints, tumors, MS, cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, neck and back pain, knee pain, foot pain, swelling, renal failure, PTSD and the list continues. She has also witnessed those who refuse to acknowledge and deal with the emotional aspect of disease, relapse and die. Angela doesn’t claim to heal anyone but does emphatically state that if she could, she would heal all. Angela doesn’t claim to be more compassionate than God either. She lives by the understanding that God never punishes a person with disease, but rather He designed the inside of the body capable of self-healing by means of the soul prospering. As the soul prospers, the body will follow suit. If a person embraces fear, it produces disease. If a person embraces the truth and love, the body will experience healing and wholeness. Angela’s endeavor is to reveal the Love of God that is already here and witness that Love heal our hearts and thereby our bodies”.

Those who have studied Angela’s teachings have called her a “spiritual cardiologist”. In the beginning this was not considered a compliment; rather, it was more of a warning given by the women who came to her with broken hearts seeking help. Broken heart surgery does not allow for anesthesia, and therefore the work she endeavored to do was and is often painful but necessary. Her bold approach as a speaker is designed to challenge her listeners to dig deep and deal with heart issues that are often buried deep but have never died. She also holds healing retreats for broken men and women who have suffered loss including the loss of their children and/or spouses. Angela counts these requests as an honor and has done this work as a volunteer in the past, but now is a fulltime minister. Grief and loss escapes none of us, and though Angela cannot take the pain away from others, she feels called to assist by offering emotional skills and support thereby facilitating their transformation.

Angela gives honor to her mother, and credits her with passing down the art of cooking, storytelling, hospitality and passion for the broken hearted. She finds joy in creating different ways to reach out to others in an effort to facilitate emotional awareness and healing. She is an author who writes for adults and children, as she says, “the inner child in all of us”. She has also created three local television shows including “Dishing It Out Louisiana Style”, where she offers food for the body as a segway to offer food for the soul.

Today, Angela is living her dreams as they arise enjoying the journey. She is a public international speaker life coach and published author. She has been a radio talk show host, a television talk-show host, a play-write and a business owner. Her first book is a self-published spiritual/inspirational work called Good Mourning Sunshine. You will find a common thread throughout her work that unveils the truth about emotions and the hidden treasures found in our sorrows. Learn to face your storms and rise above.

Angela often is booked early in the year, so contact her now for your upcoming event.

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