Dishing It Out Louisiana Style

Welcome to “Dishing It Out Louisiana Style”. Our show was designed to introduce you to Louisiana food, hospitality, outdoors and a way of life unlike any other. Grab your cup of coffee sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy food for your body and food for your soul. I am Angela Bertone, your cooking host and story teller. I grew up in a small Louisiana town listening to my grandfather tell stories of days gone by while he rocked me on his knee and we watched the cars drive by, every once in a while. My mother followed in his footsteps as a story teller that often took place in the kitchen while we were preparing food for our family. In tradition I raised my children teaching them how to cook while we played dinner theater and dressed up in character. “Dishing It Out Louisiana Style” brings you a taste of the Louisiana way of life, body and soul.

Angela Bertone

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