Good Mourning Sunshine

Good Mourning Sunshine! is a true story shared with the purpose of waking up your heart; a non-traditional provocation to encourage living rather than surviving. Gain wisdom and understanding in all your times of distress. Use all of your emotions to succeed in every area of your life. Tap into the power within your own heart. Find the place where freedom from fear and emotional healing take over.

It reveals a language created by God for all to hear and understand. Endless wisdom awaits you.

Leave the traditional religious path and experience a shockingly honest and unflinching story which will leave you feeling high on your emotions and eager to discover the true you. Hear God in ways you never dreamed possible.

Good Mourning Sunshine! is not a book fluffed up by endearing and heartwarming phrases made to leave you feeling absolutely peaceful or giddy over the author’s musings with God. This true story will challenge you to dig deep, think for yourself, and question the very foundation of your spiritual journey.

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