I recommend this book to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of ...
~By kelloreon May 3, 2015

I recommend this book to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our God given emotions . Biblically sound, raw and honest, Angela opens her heart and shares her spiritual/emotional experiences with Christ. I was blessed and also surprised at the parallels in my own life to her writings. This needs to be expanded and taught, to help set many free from emotional bondage.
~By Jacqueline myerson December 6, 2014

Amazing book.The truths that Angela brings forth I have searched a lifetime for.They have unlocked my heart into a whole new dimension of Life and Love.My Heart was frozen in many areas due to trauma. Her light and love take you on a journey into the secrets of your heart.Our emotions are a beautiful gift from God. I am no longer afraid to feel and face the pain. Joy does come in the Mourning! It is all so bitter sweet. Such a display of the love of Christ in this book. Grateful for this book.
~By Devan Pattersonon December 3, 2014

What an awesome book! This is a wonderful tool to explain our identity in Christ! Going to use this book at next women's conference!
~Broken Wing Ministries, Ga.

WOW, if you are ready to learn about yourself and how you perceive God then you must read this book. I was able to learn things about myself that woke me up when I didn’t even realize that I was sleeping. Angela has been blessed with the ability to hone in on the areas of our lives that we thought were complete and show us just how incomplete we really are, not just as a christian but as a person. I have been humbled by the insights of this book, the way that life experiences are explained is life altering. I will never look into the darkness the same way again. Thank you Angela for having the courage to put the lessons you were taught into a book form to help show us all how to listen. May God continue to bless you my friend.
~By Angela Young Taylor(via

I love it when God reveals himself to the world. Too often we are taught to look at God as so holy that we aren’t allowed to speak to him on these terms, God is holy but humble as well I am loving your book, so far I have been taught so much as well as gained confirmation in my spirit to a lot of things I believe I have been taught by my spirit man. Did I mention

I am only on chapter 2?? GREAT BOOK! I recommend it to anyone
~By wadexx07 (via

Once you start reading Good Mourning Sunshine you can’t put it down. The more you read the more you want to read. The only bad thing I can say about the boook is that it ends. I can’t wait for another. I love the explanations. Sometimes a spritual book can be overwhelming but Anglea breaks down things for anyone to catch on. Thanks Angela and Our Heavenly Father for working through Angela to reach may peoples lives.
~By naramo6 (via

For a second time I have just completed reading “Good Mourning Sunshine!” by Angela Q Bertone. I have read it again from front cover to back nonstop in a matter of less than 4 hours. I have cried thru many paragraphs and could feel the love and presence of the Holy Spirit during the reading. Thru the printing of this book, for myself, I know God is using it to help me come to a better understanding of His ways. In my opinion this is certainly a Best Seller book. To give attention to it can be beneficial to many lives. It has and prayerfully will continue to be very beneficial to my living. My suggestion is that everyone reading this post consider to locate this book and read. God bless you Angela in your obedience to completing and publishing this book. You are by far a blessing.
~Donna McElhannon (via facebook)

Mrs Angela. Just getting your book and having lunch with you has apparently been a day in the making bc God has ised you to open my eyes, heart, ears, mind Ahhh every part of me to a new understanding. I’m only on page 46 of ‘Good mourning sunshine’ and things I beg God for the answers to, are literally slapping me in the face with every line I read. I mean really?! This book is definitely a Godsend. A Devine appointment with ME and My AWESOME GOD. I have so many questions and I get so frustrated and especially when they go unanswered but geez. If I’d just shut my mouth and my brain off…I would be able to love better, to forgive easier, and to listen whole heartedly. I’m so thankful that God spoke to you, that he told you such simple yet such powerful words of undeniable wisdom. I love you so much. I can only pray to be obedient like you. I want to love like Jesus. I want to hear and speak and feel like Jesus. I have a long walk ahead of me and A LOT to learn but man! If I can feel God this way with such an indescribable intimacy, how could I not want to be more. To be what he wants me to be.
~Lindsey Riddick Wade (via facebook)

Absolutely loved your book. Read in 2 nites. Left me craving more! Keep fulfilling me with your faith, God bless an best wishes.
~Desiree’ Sadler (via facebook)

I am really enjoying reading “Good Morning Sunshine”, I can relate to some of the things you experienced & it brings new light to some things I had gone through. I read a little in each day. When I first read the beginning, I was overwhelmed with the silent tears that started to roll down my face. I was in aw as I wiped the tears away, it is really an awesome thing to read something that touches your heart & feelings that you have bottled up, then all the sudden they just start pouring out. Thanks Angela!
~Linda Bertone McKinney (via facebook)

Angela a spiritual cardiologist!!! “WOW” what other word can i say to describe. As I read Good Mourning Sunshine I cried, laughed, and had AHA moments.

Please let me elibrate if you will.. I am the type of person that sees everything in black and white and there is no middle ground.

Reading this book has opened my eyes and I am THIRSTY for more.
~Tonya Griffin (via

“Wow, what a blessing to the world. If you have ever cried aloud for understanding, as I have, here it is. If you want radical Jesus, look no further. His love is waiting for you to be healed and whole through the pages in this book. This woman of faith has let our Father bend and break her heart to help you heal yours. It will change your life forever !!!

Thank You Father and Thank You Angela”
~Cheryl LaLumandier (via

“It’s plain to me that Angela Bertone is in touch with the sacred and can help heal sad old wounds that seemed to be buried alive forever. Not anymore. The words in this beautiful book will touch your mind, your heart, and your soul. Mrs. Bertone brings you on a joyful journey to renewed faith and renewed health. i can’t say enough about the value I found here.”
~Lila Mortensen (via

“I’m so excited about this book. It has opened up a whole new world for me…a world of peace and love. The author shows God is speaking through everything created and we are so deaf and blind, we have not heard or seen Him. Yet in our prayer language our deepest cry is for Him to show us more of Him, speak to us, and fill us with His presence. How ironic. Going forward , all I want is to be taught by God Himself through creation. Thank you, Angela, for sharing your journey with us.”
~Kim1613 (via

“Jealous. Simply put, it’s how I feel when reading Angela Bertone’s “In the Mourning We Wake Up”. Yes, I know that jealousy is a sinful emotion. But graciously, 1 Corinthians 3:3 tells me “For you are still of the flesh. For while there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the flesh and behaving only in a human way?” God’s realization of my sinful human spirit is only one of the lessons Angela touches on in this poignant recount of the intimate and very frank conversations she has with Him throughout various points in her life. I found myself utterly yearning to be able to hearfrom God in exactly the same approach He had taken with her, as she took me along on her journey marked by brokenness, darkness, judgment and betrayal only to show that through the beauty of the “mourning” in these experiences is when we have our trueawakenings with the Spirit and learn the most about his expectations of and for us. This is not a book fluffed up by endearing and heartwarming phrases made to leave you feeling absolute peace and giddy over the authors musings with God. Understand that before delving into this shockingly honest and punching story that will leave you feeling high on your emotions and eager to view your own personal sun rise!”
~Keri Morgan

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