“I will always be here for you.” These words have new meaning for me after meeting with Angela. She helped me see the patterns that my subconscious was repeating since I was young and how they led me down a path of disconnect with loving and respecting my inner spirit. With Angela's guidance, together we faced the trauma and fear of my past and future. We didn't remove them, nor change them, but took a look around to bring to my conscious mind where love was there for me. By shifting my mindset from focusing on the pain of what happened and the fear of what may happen, we worked through it to redirect my thought patterns to “being there for myself” and therefore improve my tomorrows. After this new mindset and the emotional release my network care discovered significant improvement in my physical and mental results. Contact me privately for those details. Thank you Angela for your words of wisdom and support, my journey is now brighter because of you.

Peacefully yours,


I want to share with everyone how amazing Angela Bertone was in giving me so much help with publishing my book, Pain Without God. I first met Angela at a conference which had several classes being taught and I picked Angela's class. I took a business card from her because I wanted to stay connected and learn more from her. I emailed her and acquired one of her books and I was in awe of the way the Lord taught her about pain and how to process it. She gave me i...deas for publishing my book. It is a long process with a publishing company even with self publishing.

Angela went the extra mile for me and she sent an email to her personal editor; and have her a mini course on create my space -how to load and publish a book. Thus, I was connected to an easier way and a much cheaper way but the same good results. Her editor has been awesome in helping with the process. Angela was truly sent as a divine connection for me. I know that God strategically places people in our path who carry His divine love and help us to complete the task He assigns us.

I am grateful that she cared enough to take the time to help me to get started on the publishing of my book. My book is a kind of testimonial of how God took me from a place of despair and broken-ness; and taught me how to live in His presence and His love. The book should be available soon and I formation will be sent out on how to get a copy shortly.

I am thankful to God for giving me the connection with Angela and her desire to see others share the books that God has called us to write and to inspire people to place their hope in Jesus because we cannot find happiness and purpose without Him.

Thank you Angela for everything, God bless you enormously
Janine Gerald


Angela Bertone has effortlessly brought inspiration to my life; probably without even knowing it! She had no idea that when I met her I was deeply depressed about the course my life was taking. I felt isolated and defeated, but after hearing Angela speak for the first time it was if a fire was ignited in me to press forward, to pursue, and to recover! Over the course of the last year, I have heard her speak many times, I've also played a role in her recent stage play and even had her as a guest on my new radio show. Today I am more than half way through my first book, which I plan to have published this year. I'm very excited about my project and I'm honored to have Angela Bertone as my model for success! She has an amazing gift of building people up by telling them the truth!

Sincerely and With Love,
Mel Boykin

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